Pega testers ‘dare to think different’

donderdag 2 februari 2017

Okay, I admit: I am an Apple fanatic. My Apple collection is complete and always up-to-date. My latest acquisition are the wireless AirPods, which again, I find a great addition to the Apple ecosystem. What makes Apple so special? All products have been developed from that one vision: looking at a product differently, thinking about how to do this smarter, daring to swim against the stream and then developing an innovative and beautiful product that relieves people and encourages others to 'follow'. Apple 'dares to think different' and thus offers a quirky added value, I love it!

Quirky and powerful

Also, in my work as a senior consultant at Valori Full-Stack Testing, I continuously try to deliver added value, using idiosyncratic and powerful products and services. Valori is a partner of Tricentis (supplier of Tosca) and PEGA, leading in the field of Business Process Modeling.

Especially PEGA, like Apple, is unique in its kind. It builds strategic process driven applications that actually change how people work. Shorter feedback loops, direct connection to the work processes and thus enabling the right action at the right time. No wonder, therefore, that the largest companies in the world use PEGA. And it will come as no surprise to you that we have chosen such ground-breaking applications to support our customers to truly innovate.

PEGA testers are specialists

I also dare to profile ourselves as 'different' in this. Companies often say that their testers are system-independent and can test everything. We turn that around: our testers are specialized in PEGA and Tosca, know these systems in detail. That makes us strong PEGA and Tosca specialists, our customers benefit from that added value. We like to think out of the box and, I can assure you, that works really well.

Hackathon with result

Well, that enthusiasm is of course not limited to between nine and five. In addition to my work as a senior consultant, I am actively involved in innovation at Valori. This way I manage one of the chapters within our company. Chapters are groups of colleagues from our business units who combine their specific expertise to develop innovative services. Last December, for example, we organized a hackathon for three groups. Three teams - two Selenium teams and one Tosca team - were given the assignment to build an automatic regression testing (ART) framework within an agreed time with five requirements. A tough challenge, with great results!

The result of the hackathon

The teams came up with several solutions: existing frameworks were deepened; new frameworks were developed. Especially the solution with Tosca spoke, so we organized an extra floor evening. We are very enthusiastic about the result: we have laid the foundation for Tosca to be able to carry out standard tests for our PEGA customers. We can already be of service to existing customers with the combination 'Tosca-PEGA', but of course we continue to build Valori's innovative leadership with this new tool. A third hackaton will follow at the end of May.

Making a difference with innovation

"Innovation makes the difference between a leader and a follower," Steve Jobs once said. And: "Innovation has nothing to do with how much research money you have. It is about the people you have, how you are led and whether you actually understand it. "

Jobs dared to think differently. I continue to find it an inspiring vision.