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JOSF: Old idea, New IDE

JOSF logo


The dancing robot

With JOSF you can build and maintain test automation scripts in an intuitive way! JOSF has been developed because we saw a gap when Selenium IDE was phased out and we closed the gap.

With JOSF you can:

  • Easily and intuitively build and maintain your test automation suite
  • Import and use your Selenium IDE scripts
  • Work with every browser you need

And the best deal: Use it for free!

Download JOSF

JOSF's architecture

Supporting intuitivity

As a tester you can use JOSF intuitively. Just a couple of clicks and it's ready to dance with you. We've packaged JOSF in a complete suite for you to download.

Supporting portability

As a developer you ofcourse want to learn JOSF your dancing routines. And as we are developers ourselves, we can only agree with you. So we also have a download of just the core so that you can plug your dances into JOSF and make it dance just as nifty as you want!


Tekening JOSF Architectuur.png

JOSF can dance in teams

Agile teams :)

JOSF's core is setup so that you can use the way you want. Do you want to use it by yourself? Done! 
Are you part of a team and will you use it with more than 1 person, also supported! JOSF can be the missing piece of the puzzle when it comes to your test automation.



You will meet your goal

And we will support you!

Our support team can help you whenever you need it. Have a look at our support page on where to find support and how to get it. 

Meet your goal here

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