Organization & philosophy

We can make more possible than you think... The IT system is the heart and soul of any business, organisation and government agency. More often than not, the interests at stake are financial or economic in nature, although in some cases life-or-death issues are involved. In all these different settings and situations, a reliable IT infrastructure is the number-one priority, along with acceptance and user-friendliness.


Valori tests IT systems for risks and errors. We increasingly play the role of ‘quality conscience’ for our clients and ensure that your users accept your innovation and learn to use it without any problem – within the budget, within the deadline set, and most likely with more functionalities than you were expecting.

We always search for the optimum solution: for users, for your organisation and for you. Innovation is a continual process. We understand your need to maintain a high degree of control throughout the process, and we help you to achieve just that – no matter how unorthodox your request might be. Our aim is never to throw up barriers or reject new ideas and projects out of hand: our goal is to prevent disappointment and ensure that new innovations are successful.

As well as improving effectiveness, this also ensures that the heart of your organisation – your valuable IT resources – remain viable now and in the future. Since we know that’s what your organisation needs, we work hard every day to make it a reality.

Off you go, into the future, on the three-stage rocket known as ‘Testing, implementation and optimisation...’