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Pega DevOps & Testing Bootcamp

A 2 day deepdive in Pega capabilities

Pega and Valori are excited to announce that we have co-created a DevOps & Testing Bootcamp training. We have developed a 2-day program where we do a deep dive into DevOps in a Pega project and do hands on testing exercises using the Pega capabilities PegaUnit and the Pega API.

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System Architect Essentials

This course is for System Architects who want to learn how to develop applications on the Pega Platform™. In this course, you learn the core principles of application development on Pega Platform™. Business users and delivery team members use these principles to plan and deliver business applications faster and more accurately for maximum business value. You learn how to perform the most common application development tasks to prepare yourself for your first Pega development project. The exercises in this course are based on Pega Platform 8.

Testing Essentials

Why do we test, what do we test and how do we test it? In this training you learn the basics of risk based testing and which techniques to use.

Test Design and Execution

In this hands-on training you get a real application in which you will look for bugs. You will learn how to use documentation but more importantly how to test when no documentation is available.

Testing in Pega

What makes testing in Pega different from “normal” testing? Because Pega is a low-code platform a lot of the application has been tested for you. When testing a Pega application your focus will be more on business rules and API’s than basic Pega functionality.

Pega Scrum Battle

When you work on a Pega platform and you want to know more about the Agile/Scrum way-of-working, then this serious game can help you. In half a day you and your team will know what it means to scrum and how you can implement this in your daily work.

Product Risk Analysis

No risk no test is a popular adage. This training gives you the tools to determine the potential risk of your application. You cannot do this by yourself, you need all stakeholders involved. A good Product Risk Analysis helps you during the entire development to make the right decisions.

Pega Product Owner Battle

This serious game helps the product owner in a Pega-environment to make a product backlog, prioritize it and discuss it with business and development team.


Pega offers a powerful toolset out of the box the create unit tests for specific ruletypes. During this training we teach you how to setup and use PegaUnit in your development- and test phases .

Pega API

Pega offers out of the box API’s which can be powerfull when being used during test automation and manual testing. During this training we teach you how to use the Pega API for all kind of tests including the DX API.

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