QA Consulting

How good is your IT landscape?

A good quality system or application sounds obvious. But how do you check whether the quality of your process or your product really meets the requirements you set? And when your business grows, does your IT grow well with you?

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With many years of experience, our QA consultants bring the weak spots and gaps to light. Of course they also tell you with which improvements, innovations and best practices you can tackle this. And how you do this. In this way we increase the quality of your IT. We call this Building IT Quality.

Insight into the quality of your IT

Valori's QA Consulting focuses on three areas:

  • QA strategy and policy (test process)
  • Architecture and quality of the application landscape
  • QA in the development process, test execution and test automation

Our QA consultants help you gain insight.

  • Does our IT have the right quality for our growth objective?
  • Are the quality requirements sufficiently secured in the design?
  • When in doubt about the quality, we help with an independent second opinion
  • How do you use test automation & CI / CD properly and continue to make optimal use of it?
  • We help to test the architecture