Agile Testing Days USA 2019: een kort verslag


Kort verslag (in het Engels)

On the 25th of May Jan Jaap Cannegieter (Squerist) and Derk-Jan hosted the Tutorial Test Management in Agile on the Agile Testing Days USA. It proved to be an interesting topic, with 40 people in the room it was the best visited tutorial of the conference.

During a full day they discussed the needs for agile test strategies and what role the test manager can take. During the day they collected and prioritized the activities that test managers do and compared them the needs of the stakeholders.

During their hands-on exercises, the participants worked in small groups on single-team one-page test plans. They learned how to incorporate non-functional tests and how present the strategy in a visual way using a simple graphic of mind-map. Since they did this tutorial in Copenhagen (in May 2019), the quality in a scaled agile setting has become a valued topic on the agenda. So, they discussed how quality can be embedded in a multiple team setting.

In the last hour of the day, they looked at different roles that a test manager can take. They examined the benefits and activities for each role and shared our insights. Derk-Jan and Jan Jaap were very pleased with the enthusiastic participation and the high level of discussions they had. They loved the feedback they got on the feedback form (nines and tens) and during the rest of the conference. Many came towards them to share how they valued the session.

If you are interested in their tutorial, feel free to contact us, or visit the Agile Testing Days in Potsdam later this year. Valori will host the training there as well.