Extremely early feedback on high risk configuration

With our MetaQ, teams can automatically validate the most important risk areas of a Salesforce implementation. The developer can do this test before the code or configuration is in the version control system.

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MetaQ for every team

With our MetaQ every team, agile or not, can provide input on the quality of the Salesforce implementation as early as possible. Due to this specific way of validating the quality, the entire team receives this feedback earlier (and not just the developer). Based on this feedback, it can also be decided not to carry out certain follow-up steps. This way of demonstrating quality proves that certain aspects do not need to be validated. During the regression test or UAT, time and attention no longer needs to be spent on this.

Proof of Value

Would you like to see the difference for yourself? We are happy to prove it during a Proof of Value. Contact us and we will speak soon.