This is how we work

The importance of right knowledge and experience

We believe that people are the driving force behind the success of organizations.

Valori 6

That is why the knowledge, attitude and behavior of professionals are central to our working method and we continuously invest in expertise. Valori not only provides a suitable solution for every assignment, but also the most suitable professionals. With the right knowledge and experience.

Managed Services

Are you looking for a party that can completely unburden you in the field of quality and testing of information systems?

Our test professionals have extensive organization and industry knowledge. This allows them to get started quickly. You can focus on your core activities again because we take over the responsibility for managing and executing all test activities. We adjust our staffing to the required expertise and capacity


Do you have a challenge with your IT project and could you use some extra help in the field of QA and testing?

We ensure that you temporarily have access to specific expertise or capacity.


We have been independent since our foundation in 1989. As a QA and test partner, we believe that this is an important condition to (continue to) provide you with good advice. We are now the largest independent QA and test party in the Netherlands. Due to our independent position, we have relationships with the best suppliers of state-of the-art QA and testing tools. Which we can deploy, depending on your specific situation.

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