Pega Testing

Tech First, Test Second

QA & Test experts with in-depth knowledge of Pega are better able to optimize your testing strategy and execution. We call that Tech First, Test Second. This knowledge allows us to create ultra-short feedback loops. This way we can speed up the time-to-market with the test process.

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Our Pega QA & Test experts provide specialized Pega testing solutions. It is only logical to us that they speak the same language as your scrum teams. All consultants know the Valori standard Pega approach and are trained in this by our own Valori Academy.

In this way we increase the quality of your IT. We call that Building IT Quality.

Valori official Pega Authorized Training Partner

We have been an Authorized Training Partner of Pega since the beginning of 2020. Together we have developed a boot camp for DevOps & Testing on Pega. This boot camp is based on our best practices. The boot camp makes LSAs and CSSAs and other members of DevOps teams much more aware of how to build quality into Pega.

New! Follow our Pega DevOps & Testing Bootcamp. A 2 day deepdive in Pega capabilities.

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Mkb brandstof
Matthé van Daalen, Team lead ICT MKB Brandstof

Pega-experts and Full-stack testers

‘What makes Valori so special is that they supply professional testers who not only have the Pega expertise we require, but who are also skilled full-stack testers.

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