QA Advisory

Get the most out of your software

High-quality software is essential to innovate quickly and deliver maximum value to your customers. You can achieve this with software that not only works, but is also reliable, durable and secure. And that also grows with the success of your organization.

Valori Advisory helps build the right software by setting up, automating and optimizing your Quality Assurance.

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This is how we work

With more than 30 years of practical experience, our QA Advisors help to realize high-quality software. Together we determine what quality is needed and how you can get a grip on quality.

We do this with our own methods, models and tools and always independently of suppliers. We have in-depth knowledge of test techniques and test automation tools. Traditional software development or low-code? We are at home in all markets. With short-term scans, in-depth assessments or supervision of a complete quality transformation, they show where there is room for improvement. And how you subsequently realize that improvement.

In this way we increase the quality of your IT. We call this Building IT Quality.

The new view on quality

Being able to innovate quickly requires a new way of testing software:

  • Focused on the software product and code
  • Building quality from the start
  • Functional correctness and technical quality
  • Based on direct insight with modern tooling
  • Quality as a joint responsibility

Our services

QA Strategy - modern and automated software quality testing

You want to get maximum value from your software by testing as quickly and properly as possible. Based on the characteristics of your organization, we create a blueprint for the QA organization, the processes and test automation. With modern techniques and principles and of course supported by a clear business case and a concrete plan.

Quality Assessment - insight into risks and concrete recommendations

You want to get the risks in your software under control. We examine the software and the maturity of your test processes. The focus can be on the total QA process, but also on specific areas of attention like architecture, code quality, performance and security. We provide realistic recommendations and clear insight into costs and benefits. We do this on the basis of the ISO25010 standard for software quality and the Omnext Fit Test platform.

Software Due Diligence - know which software you are buying

You are making an investment in a software company or software. Then you want to be sure that the software does not contain any unacceptable risks. The software must comply with national and international standards. We provide the right insight in a number of steps to make well-founded decisions.

QA Transformation - better software, with guidance from Valori

We help you implement a renewed QA and software quality improvements. You will receive clear and factual insight into the progress from us and we will safeguard the results, based on repeatable measurements of software and the maturity of your organization.

Independent software verification - an independent and objective review

Your software must meet the specifications and numerous standards. Together with you, we draw up a clear and concrete program of requirements. We then test your supplier's product and prepare a clear and concrete report.

Curious how we can help you gain insight into the quality of your processes or applications?

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