Salesforce Testing

The right test at the right time

You can only test Salesforce properly if you know and understand Salesforce through and through. Valori test experts combine their vast technical knowledge of Saleforce with their knowledge and expertise of testing. A unique combination. Tech first, test second is what we call this. We know exactly when which test should be used. In this way we keep the development lifecycle as short as possible.

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Smarter testing

Too often we see that Salesforce testing is done manually or with an automated GUI test. Reusable elements are also often tested several times in different places. That is a shame, because it's double work. With the Valori approach, we deploy the right test at the right time. By qualitatively and effectively testing very early in the process, we can dramatically reduce the amount of time ultimately required for the user acceptance test. And sometimes even make it completely unnecessary. In this way we ensure that the burden on the business is greatly reduced.

In this way we contribute to the quality of your IT. We call that Building IT Quality.

A different approach

In order to properly test a low-code platform like Salesforce, we have added an extra layer to the test pyramid. By making effective use of this layer, we can provide insight into risk areas before a deployment and adjust the test strategy for this release / deployment on that basis. We have also developed our own Salesforce MetaQ for this. This tool tackles this 'new' layer and thus automatically provides insight into the risks and the associated quality thereof.

Webinar data masking in Salesforce

Curious how we feed Salesforce sandboxes with an anonymous dataset? Which is also subset and consistent with the related data in the rest of the test landscape? We'll tell you all about it in our webinar!

Salesforce connector

We are constantly looking for opportunities to strengthen expertise and specialisms. In this case, this has led to a collaboration between our Salesforce and test data management expertise. This allows us to feed data, anonymous and well, into a new Salesforce sandbox environment.

The solution for cloud solutions

Does your organization wash in data using a cloud solution, such as AWS or Azure? No problem! Our solution works flawlessly with such cloud environment management solutions.

Extreme early feedback with our MetaQ

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