Result driven Maintenance

How do you get complete control on the quality of maintenance and how do you keep focus on productivity? How do you achieve continuous improvement in your services? Valori has developed a method whereby (together with you) we continuously improve the performance of your maintenance work in a pragmatic way.

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Maintenance according to Valori

Already in 2015 we developed a vision on the role of management. We are convinced that management activities remain the foundation of a successful organization, despite changes in technology, ways of development and digitization. Where the management activities are invested and how they are carried out does change. Depending on the type of organization, the design of management is based on our proposition Functional Management or Product Support & Maintenance.

The arrival of Agile working has changed the cadence between business and IT, supply and demand. In order to respond to the developments, we make a distinction between Functional Management (based on BiSL) and Integrated Management in an Agile environment (we call this Product Support & Maintenance). These two propositions are the basis for providing your organization with customization.