Partnership OutSystems

Since March 1, 2021, Valori is an official OutSystems Technology Partner as an independent test party. An important part of OutSystems' mission is to make developers more productive and faster. As testers, it is crucial to respond to this. In this way we prevent testing from becoming the bottleneck. Testing OutSystems applications therefore requires a different approach. Valori calls this “Tech First, Test Second”.

“We are convinced that our in-depth knowledge of OutSystems makes us better test consultants. This knowledge enables us to speak the same language as the development teams and to provide the fastest possible feedback on all layers of the application. As a result, testing is no longer the bottleneck”, says Brian van den Brink, Chapter Lead OutSystems at Valori

"Valori’s Core Layer Testing approach really accelerates the feedback loops in software development"

Nandan Kidambi, Head of Product Strategy – Strategic Alliances at OutSystems confirms this: Valori has proven to be a great thought leader in quality assurance and testing. For the past few years our DevOps Engineering teams have been working together with Valori to set up several best practices for testing OutSystems. The most exciting example is Valori’s Core Layer Testing approach, which really accelerates the feedback loops in software development. Next to that, we’ve worked together with Valori and other Technology Partners, Tricentis and Eggplant, to further look into specific test tooling for our platform. Because of all this hard work, we are very pleased to announce Valori as a valuable OutSystems Technology Partner.”

"We are convinced that our in-depth knowledge of OutSystems makes us better test consultants"

Jaap Merkus, CEO at Valori, is clear about the ambition: “Ultimately, our partnership is all about quickly and effectively incorporating quality throughout the entire software development lifecycle of customers. This is how we realize high-quality OutSystems implementations. For our own customers and all other OutSystems customers. That is why we actively share our knowledge through, for example, round table sessions and articles on the OutSystems website. We look forward to taking our collaboration to the next level and further propagating our thought leadership within the OutSystems ecosystem.”

Want to know more about our approach? "You can't have fast development without fast QA" is the first article in a series of 3, where we share our way of working with the OutSystems Community.