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Continuous quality control of software development is crucial for successful digital transformation. Whether it concerns reducing technical debt, increasing development speed or reducing costs. Omnext has been specialized in software code analysis for 20 years, using its own software analysis platform, Omnext Fit Test, as a basis. The platform offers developers and IT managers real-time independent and objective insight into the technical risks and quality of their applications. It focuses on crucial quality aspects such as maintainability, scalability, security and whether or not development adheres to industry best practices and the ISO-25010 guideline for software quality. The platform supports over 40 different technologies, including rapidly growing low-code platforms OutSystems and Mendix.

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Jaap Merkus, CEO of Valori: “Low-code platforms give organizations a substantial advantage in terms of development speed. Unfortunately, in practice we often see the downside of this speed. Due to the speed of development, development teams lose sight of quality and technical debt is unintentionally built up. Omnext's unique proposition fits in perfectly with Valori's ambition to support customers with building quality into low-code development processes and in this way really fulfill the promise of low-code. Omnext therefore fits in perfectly with our Building IT Quality vision.””

Press release - Valori takes majority stake in Omnext