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Full Stack Chapters

Build - Test - Deploy - Hug - Dance

What do we offer consultants

Apart from our portals we have a lot more to offer!

Full Stack Testing offers several products

Valori Full Stack Testing

Will you come and dance with us?

Come and dance with us!

Valori knows how to value it's professionals. Will you come and dance with us at Full Stack Testing? Get to know Valori and it's 'valorians' by reading the e-book "Werken bij Valori" (Dutch).  Click on the book cover to download it.

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FST and Outsystems

Valori FST consultants have helped WoningNet with their introduction of OutSystems. The WoningNet Squad helped with:

- Tosca
- Full Stack Testing
- Performance


Valori Full Stack Testing in "Ondernemen doen we zo" (Dutch)

Jelle Schutte (Managing Director) explains Full Stack Testing and the unique way we treat our consultants. 

Agile to the max!