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USG People

“The next step for us is to start organising processes more efficiently and facilitating these changes. And we’re lucky to have our partner, Valori, support us every step of the way.”

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MKB Brandstof

"‘What makes Valori so special is that they supply professional testers who not only have the Pega expertise we require, but who are also skilled full-stack testers."

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“The support we received from Valori helped us to quickly and accurately assess the software’s performance. It taught us what changes we needed to make, which we then went on to implement in the system.”

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Peter Noordijk


Want to know more about Pega Testing, contact me!

+31 6 21 86 50 55

Pega  Partnership

Pegasystems and Valori are happy to announce that Valori FST became the first independent test- and QA partner for Pega. 

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Tosca accelerator pack

The Valori Accelerator Package for Pega contains features that help Pega testers to accelerate tests and make them more efficient.

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Neoload Framework

We have now created a general NeoLoad-on-Pega correlation framework. This reduces the set-up of any NeoLoad based performance test on your Pegaplatform from several days to a few hours.

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